Visual Factory Automation

We understand how difficult it is to manage and control an entire business and keep an overview at all times. The massive responsibility to employ personnel, keep them happy and productive is not an easy task and can create huge challenges if not followed through on.

It is therefore imperative to work together as a team and to be able to do so, the owner/hero/leader has to continually challenge himself and to grow in all aspects of business.

Once you have decided to start your own Manufacturing Company it is imperative to make sure that you have a well though through business plan the right Location, right ERP system, (Visual Factory Automation Software) Production machinery as well as the right people on the bus (sitting on their correct seat). Marketing plan and online presents is of paramount importance to assist further in guarantying an efficient company.

South Africa is a very well positioned country with vast opportunities in the steel manufacturing and fabrication sector. It is therefore imperative that you choose the right partners to do business with, to assist you in your endeavour to reach your full potential.

After many years of being in the sector, we understand that a holistic approach to the manufacturing and fabrication industry is of paramount importance. We have therefore partnered with industry leading South African suppliers that have years of extensive experience to assist you in becoming a word class organization.

It is therefore with this in mind that we have formed FactorySmart, with you, our hero in mind, to assist with the following business areas:

Our Factory Automation Software will give you the ability to be able to track any orders that have been placed with your different suppliers and alert you of any out-of-norm supply patterns, so that you are able to effectively do your production planning.

Once the parts have been received from your supplier, they will be received into your stock keeping module, either by manual input or bar code interface.

The responsible person that is in charge of project management is now able to allocate jobs too relevant stations with the parts that are in stock or that have a scheduled delivery time. The responsible employee responsible for a certain work flow is now able to visually accept the work order on his electronic device that is situated at his work station.

A colour scheme is used to determine the production flow once the person has started the job. The colour red could mean that the machine is either broken or the operator has exceeded the setup time and therefore production has not started.

The supervisor or factory manager can then visually see which stations could be in this state

and the appropriate measures can then immediately be implemented.  The next colour stage could be a yellow colour, meaning that the next raw material batch has to be delivered to that specific station and if this is not done in time, the colour changes to blue. Blue meaning that there is no material at that station and the person is not  productive.

The next stage would be green colour and in this case production is flowing and individual targets are being met. The aim or goal of this software is to determine the amount of waste that is in the manufacturing process and to assist that there are no blockages or hiccups and that there is a continual flow, which leads to lean manufacturing.

Out of standard products can then be immediately tracked and production statistics per individual work station, are then immediately available, which leads to higher OEE, (Operational Equipment Effectiveness).

Our goal is to minimize waste and create an internal competition, amongst the different workers, which leads to higher engagement of factory personnel and general higher productivity.

During the production process, customers are able to login to their specific order and are able to track the readiness of their order.

On time delivery in this case is guaranteed, as there is visibility throughout the entire production process. This leads to much higher production rates, which equates to much higher profitability for the organization. Let us help you the hero in your story to take control of your production environment. Our software offerings is only one of the many options that can help your take your business to new heights.

Stay tuned for more.