Are you fed up with the status quo of delivery and supply in your company? Are your customers disgruntled due to slow delivery or poor workmanship?

Take control of your factory with our FactorySmart technology offerings.

We at FactorySmart have identified certain bottle necks that might exist within your total value chain and our aim is to assist you in solving these issues by way of intuitive and visual software. This amazing technology is here to assist you in the tracking, planning, manufacturing, packaging and distribution of your products.

Is Supplier inconsistency causing you huge stress?

Knowing the challenge to choose and entrust the right supplier can be very daunting. In many instances there is a lack of visibility, control and feedback for the supply chain.

We at FactorySmart are here to help you identify and qualify the correct raw material supplier so that you at all times know that the correct material will be timeously, supplied.

Material supply is a huge headache as you do not know when is the right time to re-order material, or certain parts, as you are dealing with so many different projects. It is very costly, if you are overstocked or understocked of needed parts and materials.

Our visual software solution has a module to assist you with exactly the correct quantity of raw material that has to be ordered as the lead times of your suppliers, are taken into account.

This will assist you in having the correct parts available at the right time, so that you are able to implement a LEAN manufacturing environment.

Once material has arrived in your factory you are able to book in your parts or raw material and can then allocate them to the correct manufacturing work – station.

Our Software gives you the ability to track your orders.

At each bay you can visually see the progress of a work order or identify possible problems that can then immediately be rectified, as to increase OEE. (Operational Equipment Efficiency)

Another aspect that is now in your control is timing, as you are now aware when the orders will be complete. This allows you to communicate positively with your customers, giving them precise delivery times and putting the control back into your own hands.

The reason we want to increase your OEE is so that your bottom-line profit, with the same overheads, will be exponential.

When to invest in Capital goods in the Production Process

Once we have implemented our visual factory software, it also then identifies where technology (Capital goods) is needed to optimize and automate production processes. This information will give you the proof that you need to invest in a certain solution to optimize and automate your production. In so doing, scaling your company to the next level and even further increasing OEE.

At FactorySmart we offer a wholistic offering, so once your software identifies the technology needed, we assist you in configuring the precise machinery to compliment your current setup.

Our technological machinery that we can offer to optimize your production process is, Fiberlaser-, High Definition Plasma-, Oxyfuel cutting, Nitrogen and Oxygen Generators and Waterjet Cutting Machines.

All above technology has the following ability to do 3D Bevel Cutting, Tapping and Drilling, Marking and Tube Cutting, and all on the same machine.

Routers, Pressbrakes, Rollers, Guillotines, Filtering Extraction Systems, Robotic Handling and Welding Systems and Solar Power Solutions, to future proof your energy requirements, are also all on offer.


“As jy nie meet nie, dan weet jy nie.“ (If you do not measure, you do not know)

There are many instances that bottle necks are formed because raw material that was supposed to arrive, did not arrive on time.  This leads to a lot of unfinished goods and is a very common phenomenon in many manufacturing companies.

Our software will assist you in minimizing and identifying in advance which production process or project is possible, as to not have WIP challenges due to raw material that has not arrived timeously.

We at FactorySmart know that the key to any production process is to have a constant flow in your factory without bottlenecks forming.

It is therefore our aim to assist you throughout your entire journey from sourcing and procuring raw material, Manufacturing, right through to packaging and as far as delivery.