After many years of selling CNC Cutting Solutions into the marketplace and mainly promoting the MicroStep brand, we came to the realization that we also need to start supplying entry level CNC Cutting Solutions to fulfil the needs of our customers.

The reason why we decided on entry level Cnc cutting equipment is to support different customer needs. (i.e. companies entering the cutting market for the first time, budget constraints and newbies unfamiliar with market positioning or processes, as well as hobbyists)

This is a huge market which would be put off by a very expensive cutting machine. We wanted to make sure that everyone is covered and included. Our motto that we do not just sell machines, remains, and our top priority here as FactorySmart is to guide potential business owners or first-time business owners that are a bit in the dark, to help them make an educated decision.

We as FactorySmart want to help our customers grow and reach their potential and also help them to plan to exceed that potential by growing their businesses. Whether you are a hobbyist who is passionate about cnc cutting machines or someone looking to cut steel for their own engineering shop, we have a solution for you.

Once companies have purchased an entry level machine and have realized the potential for growth, when cutting for themselves, they venture into cutting for other engineering shops. This is when they require a machine with higher consistency and tolerance and the ability to add various processing options to one machine (micro punch marking, plasma edge marking, inkjet marking, pipe cutting, tapping and drilling, bevel cutting and milling) This is where an investment is made for a high end, high-definition plasma cutting machine.

We love seeing companies grow and once they have a full machine shop, we incorporate other machinery, as well as specific software to offer a complete wholistic package, that gives the business owner, the ultimate control over their production.

….But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Here is why we have partnered with the various suppliers to offer everyone out there an opportunity to reach their full potential.

The SwiftCut Plasma and Waterjet Cutting Machine – $$$

For the entry market of plasma and waterjet cutting we have a wonderful UK manufactured cnc cutting machine from Swiftcut. Founded in 2011, Swift-Cut designs and builds high quality, affordable CNC plasma cutting machines. They have engineered a high quality built, high speed precise cnc cutting machine that is affordable and offers a great return on investment.

They are easy to setup and learn how to use and Swift-Cut’s mission is to provide industry leading service and support and to never stop striving for a better machine at a better value and we think the 3000 machines they have sold to date, speak for themselves.

The Swift-Cut range offers phenomenal value for money. It’s a low cost, high-quality machine with cutting capabilities that defy the price tag.

For more info on Swiftcut click here

The SLTL Fiberlaser Cutting Machine – $$$

For those of you looking at Fiberlaser Cutting Technology, we have partnered with an incredible company in India that has impressed us with their excellent quality and superior service. They offer peace of mind aftersales service in English and place high value on safety of machinery. This 2D cost effective Fiberlaser Cutting Machine can be fitted with a 1kW up to 15 kW fiber laser source and can brilliantly cut mild steel (MS), stainless steel (SS), aluminium (AI), brass (BR), copper(CU), titanium (Ti), GI, coated sheets and others.

SLTL has been around for over 30 years and have completed over 10 000 installations globally.

For more info on these machines, click here.

The MicroStep CNC Cutting Machines – $$$$$

For our medium to higher end market we offer a MicroStep Plasma, Fiberlaser, Oxyfuel and Waterjet Cutting Machine Machine.

If you are looking for a machine, that does it all, this is your market. MicroStep machines can do bevel cutting, 2D cutting, pipe cutting, dome cutting, drilling, tapping, countersinking, marking and can be automated with various robotic options.

If you are a company that is currently outsourcing, we can assist you in calculating your costs and therefore evaluate if it would be worthwhile to invest in a MicroStep CNC Cutting Machine, but generally if you can drop your outsourcing costs and cut in house rather, you are saving yourself huge stress, as you are not relying on an external supplier and therefore can up your supply and generally, our customers manage to pay off their investment quickly.

The company has been around since 1991 and has a very big global footprint.

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