Take control and produce your own oxygen and gas for your cutting requirements.

Nitrogen in laser cutting acts as a protective gas.  Medium pressure nitrogen is used to blow away oxygen, to prevent further cutting when the metal incision occurs. Because of surrounding high temperature oxidation, and to avoid the appearance of brown oxidation points. Medium pressure nitrogen is used to achieve a smooth cutting surface with no burr effects.

We have an example of a customer who was spending more than R400 000 a month on gasses, where R100 000 were just the rental costs from the gas supplier.

We then approached him and offered to give them a free evaluation and then discovered these huge costs. We then calculated the investment cost to own their own oxygen and nitrogen generator and the Return on Investment (ROI) was less than 2 years.

They were able to bid farewell to their exorbitant gas prices and are saving a huge amount on gas costs every month.

Generally, when you have a Maxitank installed you can expect a more or less 30% blow off on a daily basis, which means 30% of loss on daily profits.

The other challenge can be an unreliable supply from big suppliers like Afrox declaring a Force Majeure. “Since oxygen is a lifesaving therapy for infected patients, Afrox made a moral and ethical decision to prioritise supply of medical oxygen while the pandemic persists. Therefore, Afrox issued a letter of Force Majeure to industrial consumers that explains that supply cannot be guaranteed and might become erratic or absent.”

If this were to be the case, it would be a production standstill for your company. Can you afford this?

Can you afford to lose revenue? Give us a call today for a free assessment and take control over your production facility