Are you tired of all the hassle of pickle and passivating stations that just cause more mess and safety issues?

Heat affected zones after welding of stainless steel are a major headache in the manufacturing industry.

The current solution that many companies are using is to pickle and passivate that parts that have been welded. This means that these parts or assemblies have to be taken to a dedicated area where the pickling and passivating process is applied.

MicroClean - Weld Cleaning - Mobile

This process uses a lot of chemicals and water and is therefore harmful to the environment. Both pickling and passivation solutions can employ dangerous acids that can damage both the operator and the environment if not handled correctly. Pickling acids for stainless steel are highly corrosive to carbon steel. It is essential that all acids are thoroughly removed by rinsing the component after completing the process. There are also often issues within the factory environment due to water spills.

The fact that these parts need to be taken to a specific area means that there is excessive handling, which increases manufacturing time and adds additional costs.

As an allocated area has to be setup for the pickling and passivating process, there is also an increase in the factory footprint, and therefore overheads with additional factory personnel needing to be employed.

The beauty about the MicroClean system is that it´s a mobile solution that can be taken to any station and welds can be effectively cleaned with no water or chemical spillage. There are also no run-off marks that are left behind after cleaning.

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