At FactorySmart, we can serve many industries, due to our extensive product offering. Here are just two of them, that we have already provided solutions for.

Automotive Sector

We recently were able to offer a robotic welding solution for the tier 1 and tier 2 supplier market.

We had a customer that wanted to weld half round pipes at a very tight tolerance, repetitively over a 24hr shift and a yearly throughput of a few million parts. This customer received a quotation from a European Supplier, but we were able to offer a turnkey solution with all the European and Japanese parts at ¾ of the price.

The solution is to weld these half round pipes at a tolerance, repetitively of 0.1mm, with a scrap rate smaller than 0.2%. This robotic welding solution, also had to be flexible to be able to weld other parts, and not just half round pipes.

We exceeded the expectations of the customer and were able to effectively weld other parts as well.

The next expansion is to add a cutting head to this robotic cell system, so that parts will not only be welded, but also cut.

Engineering Sector

We supply turnkey solutions with software that can control a production process from the order of raw material up to the dispatch of finished goods.

This software integrates with your ERP system, to be able to give you a real cost per component on assembly level. We combine cnc machines with this software to automate 2D and 3D cutting of flat sheet, pipe, rectangular, round angle channel and ibeams.

On the same machine we are also able to add a tapping and countersinking head, so that all the processes can be executed on the machine.

This enables us tocalculate total cost of the items to be cut, drilled and tapped, at the push of a button.

Should these parts need to be bent, they are then transported via a trolley on wheels to a cnc pressbrake where the bending takes place.

After this process is completed, these parts are then taken to be welded, either manually or with robotic welding.

Once the welding process is completed, these parts are then cleaned, assembled, painted and packaged, ready for dispatch.

Our visual factory automation software is applied during this entire process, so that the factory manager, always knows at what stage the product in production is.

Give us a call for your visual factory solution.