We have a solution when it comes to tracking your manufacturing process from order placement right up until shipping of the goods out of the factory.

Shopware is a 20 year strong brand where at each fabrication station your operator will be able to click on the next job that he has to do. But if the parts for the job are not available he will not be able to commence with that job so as to avoid wasting time on a job that cannot be invoiced timeously.

We make use of a colour coding system that shows at what stage the readiness and status of each job and and which station. And where in the process within the manufacturing chain they lie.

  • Red would mean work has not started or a break down
  • Yellow means production has started but targets are not being met
  • Green status – The operator is within his time limit for his manufacturing.

The operator is able to see that on his screen and the factory foreman is able to keep tabs on all facets in play. With real time feedback from the shop floor.

The status systems creates competition within the team to stay in the green.


  • Customer feedback on order status
  • Cost Tracking
  • Gross profit

You at all times know your production efficiency clarity and are able to set targets that are realistic, manageable and trackable.

Being able to manage real costs timeously at production locations.

Graphical representation – production line with say part 2 of 4 error sign.

Robotic Handling Systems

  • How do you weld your parts? Welders or machines?
  • Throughput consistency?
  • Absentees
  • External issues outside of our control – Lockdowns?

Machines replacing tasks to increase efficiency, strategy,

Repeatability of robotic handling and welding is linear. Humans are no linear. To be cost Effective.

TO help companies become more cost effective, higher profitability and reducing manufacturing costs.

Phoenix Square

  • Energy Security
  • Are you tired of dreading you next stage 2 load shedding schedule
  • Are your electricity bills too high?
  • Install a measuring device, presentation to how you could

Solar power solutions for up to 1 megawatt for factories.