Fiber Laser Welding Solutions

Fiber laser welding is a process that uses a laser beam to melt and fuse metal parts together. The laser beam is delivered to the workpiece via an optical fiber, which is why it is called a “fiber” laser. The beam is focused on a very small spot, creating a high-energy density that melts the metal. The metal cools and solidifies, forming a strong bond between the parts.

Fiber lasers have several advantages over other types of lasers for welding, such as CO2 lasers. They have a higher power density, which allows them to produce a smaller and more precise weld. They also have a higher beam quality, which results in a more consistent and uniform weld. Additionally, fiber lasers are more efficient and have a longer lifespan than other types of lasers.

Fiber laser welding is used in many industries, such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronics. It is particularly useful for welding thin materials, such as sheet metal and wire, and for welding difficult-to-reach areas.

It is important to note that fiber laser welding require special training and safety precautions. The intense light emitted by the laser can cause damage to the eyes and skin, and the heat generated by the process can cause burns and fires.

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