Are you still wasting time cleaning your stainless steel welds?

There is a much faster and more efficient way, that will pickle and passivate at the same time, saving you time and Money. By simply running the carbon fibre brush over your welds, you get an instant result. Getting into those hard-to-reach areas is something of the past.

Our Microclean Machine is a locally made machine that is built for an African Environment.

Using state of the art technology with quality and reliability in mind, as well as with our after-sales support offering, we put your mind at ease.
A completely portable device with only one operator needed, there is no more need for sending your work away to be cleaned and passivated.
This little wonder comes with three settings of Clean, Polish and Etch. Yes! It even has an Etch Function to mark your Parts.

The future in cleaning with all Heat Generated Oxidation is here!

Low voltage machine – electro static process, carbon fibre rush to conduct the current.

Used in conjunction with user friendly cleaning solution.

Process only occurs when the current passes through the solution. Unlike the hydrocholirc pickling cleaning process which remains active for the entire duration that it is on the metal. This process is only active when the current is applied. When the current is switched off. The moment the brush is removed from the plate the process stops. Does not damage the material if left on the metla for an extended period. The cleaning process is an instant process which is 20min faster than pickling reaction to take place. Large quantities of water are not required as with the pickling process.

The neutraliser is not halting the process and is removing the alkaline cleaning solution to allow the pacification layer to form quicker. 1600 Watt – Single phase Machine 100% duty cycle at 40 degree Celsius – Machine can work the entire day without going into thermal overload

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