SLTL is a leading manufacturer, trader and supplier of 3D laser cutting systems. The SLTL Group proudly presents our  fiber laser cutting machines to address all of your steel cutting problems. Our machines are capable of cutting various complex parts with our 5 Axis advanced technology.

With applications aimed at stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, brass, copper & other reflective metals, ArmX 5 will reach critical points on components by adjusting it’s patented engineered head. Turning any complex cutting task, easy by just one-time programming. Thus eliminating other systems previously needed for component adjustments.

Infinity Series

With the SLTL Infinity series, it is easy to choose a machine that fits your current business requirements. This machine is based on modular concept and is always able to be upgraded with your changing needs and demands. It is a machine that will grow alongside your business.

Prime Series

Prime is SLTL Group’s baseline laser cutting machine designed to provide best value for price in the market. SLTL Group is popular for intervening in the industry with pioneering innovations. This laser system provides excellent cutting quality and superior productivity. It is turning out to be the favourite of fabricators.

Vector Series

With this spectacular fiber laser cutting machine, the laser starts at a predetermined point and continues along the course of the line until the shape has been cut out. A valuable function for sign makers and those working with digital graphics as it allows designs to be cut out of a wide range of substrates with the high accuracy and quality that is provided by vector cutting. The machine also comes with innovative auto nozzle cleaning and changing feature.