Nitrogen in laser cutting acts as a protective gas.  Medium pressure nitrogen is used to blow away oxygen, to prevent further cutting when the metal incision occurs. Because of surrounding high temperature oxidation, and to avoid the appearance of brown oxidation points. Medium pressure nitrogen is used to achieve a smooth cutting surface with no burr effects.


The space-saving, effective and convenient solution for on-site nitrogen production offered by AIRCO® Systems

GmbH is enjoying huge success. The so-called “PSAL® SN systems” combine modern platform construction with

many years of experience in the field of ultra-pure nitrogen production.

Advantages of the nitrogen generator PSAL® – SN

Plug and play: tested on more than 6000 systems worldwide.

Operational immediately

Low maintenance requirements

High quality and worldwide service

N-KAT®-technology, air demand factor 2.9

Purity at 1 – 10 ppm, 6.0 – 5.0

Highlights of the nitrogen generator PSAL® – SN

Small surface area requirement and simple operation

Extremely low power consumption

Extremely low air consumption

High quality and worldwide service

Better cutting results than when using tank and bundle solutions

Industry 4.0: query and control of the system from any location in the world


Flow Meter

Flow Meter

Dew Point Sensor

Dew Point Sensor

Pressure Sensor

Pressure Sensor

Oxygrn Analyser

Oxygen Analyzer

touch screen display

Touch Screen Display

Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor

  • Wide range of quality and energy efficient solutions

  • Wide range of optical equipment

  • All components from reputable manufacturers

  • Project based solutions (skid, VPSA)

  • Sizing software for fast and precise product selection (AirSys)

  • Technical support in all phases of the project